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By uniting multiple app development services, including Lightning, Heroku, Thunder, Salesforce DX, and more, the Salesforce Platform provides cloud app development solutions for all industries and business needs. By integrating with other Salesforce tools, Platform allows users the opportunity to build their applications with the benefit of reliable data and support. Understanding the benefits of a cloud-based business is simple; flawless design and seamless system integration of cloud services are complex. Our dedicated team of cloud-based application development experts is skilled in all aspects of migration and implementation, from multi-vendor ITIL process implementation to risk and compliance controls, and beyond. We also offer on-demand and self-service IT — like cloud computing itself, we empower you to rapidly adapt and respond to your marketplace for a reliable, robustuser experience. As your partner in building and deploying cloud applications at scale, you can count on us to use leading-edge technology and the best of all private, public, and hybrid cloud services for business-driving results.

We architect cloud applications and solutions that provide value and returns far superior to others in the field. Our holistic processes ensure seamless and secure migration of enterprise applications between server, app, and database. Whether it’s Platform as a Service or Software as a Service , we build upon the industry’s best platforms including AZURE and AWS. While cloud-based solutions provide a high level of security features and technology, it’s not a given that your data, infrastructure, and apps are impenetrable.

By Initiating Your Project With Fingent, You Get A Dedicated And Skilled Team Backing You Up Round

Cloud computing provides significant cost savings for software development. However, if this is the sole reason developers are making the move, they’re missing the multiple other strategic benefits of the cloud that make the transition really worthwhile. Software developers can experience greater flexibility in deploying and managing applications in a cloud environment. Cloud computing creates a virtual environment for project management and software builds, complete with automated testing. This modern environment provides improved agility, increased performance, and faster time to market for software development. Considered by many developers as the leading NoSQL database programmers widely use MongoDB together with Amazon Web Services.

Our expert cloud app development team designs and builds solutions that are infinitely scalable, completely secure, and efficiently built to optimize the user experience and maximize your ROI. Redis is an open-source data structure store that is used for highly scalable data storage shared by numerous processes, servers or apps. Using Redis in cloud application development results in such benefits as built-in replication, high availability, in-memory nature, persistence, clustering. Also due to its high speed Redis developers often use it as a caching layer. Our approach to cloud application development services assumes usage of microservices architecture, adoption of the container-driven model, incorporation of stateless components and adoption of DevOps practices. You will be partnering with an experienced team certified Architects, Developers, Testers, SysOps, and DevOps engineers, working as a united front towards meeting your business goals. Working with us means that we ship new code faster, without compromising product quality or security.

Integrating With Major Cloud Services

The main advantages of MongoDB are its open-source nature, support of Ad hoc queries, replication, load balancing, Grid file system storage, aggregation, server-side Javascript execution and other. Developers all over the world use MongoDB for cloud application development, because it allows spreading the data evenly across many servers and thus effectively handling the load.

Is Google Drive a cloud?

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that allows you to save files online and access them anywhere from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can use Drive on your computer or mobile device to securely upload files and edit them online.

The Salesforce Platform gives you the ability to create robust, customized business apps that are powered by the most trusted and secure cloud, for limitless usability and unparalleled collaboration. Low-code platforms provide non-technical users with cloud application development tools that handle all of the heavy coding on their own. Templates, point-and-click options, and drag and drop tools give users visually-based building blocks from which to create reliable cloud applications. Likewise, built-in cloud application development tutorial options help ensure that every user has the training they need to accomplish their tasks.

Challenges & Solutions

Being an analogue to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform by Microsoft. It offers infrastructure services for creating and managing applications. Microsoft Azure supports a variety of programming languages, frameworks and tools. Currently the cloud platform and infrastructure by Microsoft consists of over 600 services used Agile Methodologies by programmers worldwide. They are services for cloud computing, data storage and management, automation, mobile apps development, messaging, machine learning and other. Microsoft Azure is designed in the way that developers can easily interact with its services through API. Integrations with Git, Eclipse and Microsoft Visual Studio are also there.

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Speed, security, and resource and infrastructure flexibility are among the grand promises of cloud-based solutions — but it takes a seasoned team to deliver a perfectly customized cloud-native application design. Our engineers design innovative multi- and poly-cloud strategies by cherry-picking the most relevant services from leading providers to support your business objectives. The result is just the right strategy to support your specific cloud application development technology needs, be it enterprise cloud adoption, CloudOps, or any other cloud application. On top of that, cloud-based application development can be a gradual process. The components of the application and architecture can be implemented in steps. As the major cloud infrastructure and service providers work at a very large scale, they can offer competitive prices that wouldn’t be possible with an equivalent on-premises installation.

Application Development And Maintenance

We offer custom securityenterprise integration solutions, cloud security audits, risk and identity management, and technical security architecture consulting to keep your business secure and your mind at ease. Memcached is a distributed memory caching system used in cloud application development for speeding up dynamic web apps.

The main benefit lies in scaling capacity for applications that Amazon Web Services provide. Programmers are thus able to create hundreds or thousands of server instances instantly. For clients of custom software development companies this means that their cloud-based applications can grow with their business. They can evolve on the base of reliable and secure environment that Amazon provides. Together with Amazon EC2 instances developers use Elastic Block Store . Amazon EBS provides volumes of block-level storage that guarantee easy access to data and long-term persistence irrespective of the life of the instance.

Saas Platforms

Our cloud specialists reengineer monolithic applications by harvesting the business logic and reusing it in the micro services architecture. Our approach minimizes reengineering effort as well as costs, and makes applications ready for the hybrid cloud. We create APIs to wrap legacy applications, including mainframe solutions, for migration to cloud native or hybrid cloud environments. Seamless API integration enhances the user experience for business users and partners.

  • Being an analogue to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform by Microsoft.
  • They are services for cloud computing, data storage and management, automation, mobile apps development, messaging, machine learning and other.
  • It offers infrastructure services for creating and managing applications.
  • Microsoft Azure supports a variety of programming languages, frameworks and tools.

Congruent strives to provide cutting-edge cloud application development services that assist its clients to address their challenges in a personalized manner. Our cloud-based solutions are efficient and ensure seamless in migration of your business applications to the cloud quickly. Firstly, apps can be updated, tested, and deployed quickly, accelerating your response to your business needs, which increases agility and flexibility. Secondly, cloud-based applications rely on application programming interfaces , which provide access to third-party data sources and storage services. As a result, cloud applications can be smaller and are developed faster.

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